The department of Oil and Gaz Economics

The department was organized by the order of the Branch “On improving the structure of the Branch” as of October 23, 2009 No. 221 and is considered to be the department preparing specialists in the directions 03.03.01 “Economics”, the profile “Economics of Enterprises and Organizations” and 03.03.02 “Management”, the profile “Production Management”.

The department closely cooperates with the departments of the Faculty of Economics and Management of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NRU) named after I.M.Gubkin.

The department is equipped with demonstration rooms and teaching aids.



Otto Olga EdgarovnaCandidate of Economics, Associate Professor, Head of the Department

Mirzakhalilova Damira Salikhovna - Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor

Bobukhujayev Shukhrat Ismailovich - senior teacher of the department

Uralov Akbarali Babanazarovich – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Usmanov Zakir Karimovich - PhD in Geography, senior teacher of the department

Yarkulova Marifat Abdulahadovna– senior teacher of the department

Zakirov Rovshan Bakhtiyarovich - teacher of the department


The faculty staff of the department delivers lectures and holds practical classes of the following academic disciplines:

1. “Economy” for technical areas

2. “Microeconomics”

3. “Macroeconomics”

4. “Organization Economics”

5. “Statistics”

6. “Labor Economics”

7. “Management”

8. “World Economy and International Economic Relations”

9. “Organization of production”

10. “Quality Management”

11. “Industry Economics”

12. “Organization and rationing of wages in the industry”

13. “Logistics”

14. “Marketing”

15. “Accounting and auditing”

16. “Econometrics”

17. “Assessing efficiency of investment oil and gas projects”

18. “Production Planning”

19. “Technical and economic design”

20. “Documentation and business correspondence”

21. “Markets for gas, oil and petroleum products”

22. “Design and estimate business and procurement”

23. “Management of oil and gas resources”

24. “FinancialManagement”

25. “Analysis and diagnostics of financial and economic activities of enterprises”

26. “Taxes taxation”

27. “Pricing in the oil and gas complex”

28. “Economics of exploration” for technical areas

29. “Fundamentals of the economy and organization of oil and gas production” for technical areas

30. “Economics and fundamentals of pipeline transportation management” for technical specialties

31. “Technological security of the oil and gas sector”

32. “Fundamentals of production management of exploration”



The department works cooperates with the following higher educational institutions and organizations:

1. Tashkent State University of Economics

2. Tashkent Financial Institute

3. “Uzbekneftegaz” JSC

4. “Uzneftegazodobycha” JSC

5. “UzLITIneftegaz” JSC

6. Institute of Forecasting and Macroeconomic Research under the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan.