The department «General professional disciplines»

The department «General professional disciplines» was organized by the order of the Branch «On the improvement of the structure of the Branch» dated 23.10.2009 № 221-p.

The department has 5 training rooms in the educational building, as well as 2 laboratory classrooms located in a laboratory building equipped with modern laboratory and demonstration equipment transferred by «Lukoil Uzbekistan Operating Company LLC» in order to improve the quality of education and deepen the connection between the educational process and production.

The department pays special attention to the introduction of new forms and methods of using various types of technical means in the teaching and educational process, summarizing and using the best practices of organization and carrying out this work, practicing the integrated use of traditional and priority technical means and forms of instruction, as well as multimedia tools materials and layouts.


Structure of the department

Yunusov Salohiddin Zununovich - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor;

Muminov Anvar Sultanovich - Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department;

Nadyrova Nina Alekseevna - Senior Teacher;

Kuvaeva Nina Ildarovna – teacher;

Makhmudova Shakhnoza Abduvaliyevna - Senior Teacher.


Teachers of the department lecture and conduct laboratory and practical classes in such disciplines:

1. Engineering graphics (GR);

2. Descriptive geometry;

3. Engineering and computer graphics;

4. Engineering graphics (TP, TS)

5. Statics and kinematics;

6. Dynamics of a point and system;

7. Resistance of materials;

8. The theory of machines and mechanisms;

9. Machine parts and design basics;

10. Material science;

11. Technology of structural materials;

12. Hydraulics and oil and gas hydromechanics;

13. Metrology, qualimetry and standardization;

14. Underground hydromechanics;

15. Transportation, storage and marketing of oil, oil products and gas.

The department closely cooperates:

  1. With the departments of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NRU) named after I.M. Gubkin:

- «Automation of design of oil and gas industry facilities»;

- «Technical mechanics»;

2. Institute of Mechanics and Earthquake Resistance of Facilities named after M.T. Urazbayev;