The Union of Youth

Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On State Youth Policy" of September 14, 2016 No. ZRU-406

"On measures to implement the joint resolution of the MoLSA of Uzbekistan and the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan" of August 22, 2017 No. 39-s / p


Today, more than 60 percent of the country's population is youth, which is a huge creative resource. Particularly significant in her life was, on the initiative of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mironovich Mirziyoyev, the creation of the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan and the announcement on June 30 of the Day of Youth.

The Union of Youth of Uzbekistan is a youth organization that is engaged in the consistent and effective implementation of state youth policy, the all-round support of youth, the radical reform of the system for protecting its rights and legitimate interests, taking into account the opinions and proposals of the general public, especially representatives of youth.

The main goal of the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan is the education of a modern, educated, spiritually and intellectually developed, energetic, sensible person who sets an example of his behavior, able to withstand external threats and pseudo-mass culture of a young man. The Union of Youth of Uzbekistan is entrusted with a number of new important tasks to increase the activity of youth in the process of reforms implemented within the framework of the Development Strategy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021.

Priority directions of activity of the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan are:

the first, the transformation of the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan into a structure ensuring effective interaction with state bodies, non-governmental non-profit organizations and other civil society institutions in the implementation of state youth policy, carrying out professional activities under the motto "Youth is the builder of the future";

the second, the protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of the youth, the education of her in the spirit of respect for national and universal values, the assertion in her mind of feelings of devotion to the ideas of independence, national self-awareness, love of the Motherland and involvement in its destiny, selflessness, protecting it from various ideological threats;

the third, increasing the activity of young people in the reforms to build a democratic state and the development of civil society, the expansion of the ranks of enterprising, energetic youth, possessing high spirituality, independent thinking, a strong life position, a broad outlook and deep knowledge capable of using all their strengths, knowledge and potential in name the interests of the people, take responsibility for the future of the country;

the fourth, the creation of decent conditions for the acquisition by young people of modern occupations, the provision of employment, the development of its business abilities, the wide involvement in small business and private entrepreneurship, stimulating initiatives, promoting intellectual and creative potential;

the fifth, the formation of young people's solid immunity against various ideological threats, in particular, religious extremism, terrorism, "mass culture" and other ideas alien to us by further increasing its interest in reading scientific and fiction books, including e-books, increasing its legal , ecological, medical culture and culture of using information and communication technologies;

ixth, wide propaganda among youth of ideas of a healthy way of life and sacredness of a family, realization of effective actions on prevention of early marriages and divorces of young families;

the seventh, the wide involvement of young people, especially its unorganized part, in sports and physical culture, in creative circles, various training courses, including the study of foreign languages, for the purpose of meaningful organization of its leisure;

the eighth, the organization of targeted work to provide material and moral support to young families, young people with disabilities and in need of social protection, create decent housing and social conditions for them;

ninth, active participation in early warning and prevention of youth crime and crime;

the tenth, the education of young educated, enterprising, enterprising, conscientious and self-sacrificing leading cadres actively participating in the reforms carried out in our country and faithfully serving the interests of the people, creating a reserve for such personnel and promoting them to positions of responsibility in the state and economic management bodies;

the eleventh, the implementation of measures aimed at further development of international cooperation in the field of youth policy, the protection of the rights and interests of young people receiving education and working in foreign countries;

twelfth, rendering to the state and economic management bodies, non-governmental non-commercial organizations and other institutions of civil society of ideological and methodological assistance in organizing work with young people. The organization of public control over the activities of authorized agencies involved in the implementation of state youth policy, the adoption of effective measures on the results of monitoring.

Youth Union activists

Isroilova Munisa

Asatova Diera

Mohirjonov Mirshohid

Mahmudov Ferdavs

Akhrorkulova Eugenia

Umirzakova Guzal

Polatov Adilbek

Sulaimanov Jahongir

Rashidov Damir


Certificate of the Union of Youth of the Branch of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NIU) named after IM Gubkin in the city of Tashkent