The branch of the University named after Gubkin in Tashkent supported the book action

New textbooks, children's literature, works of national and world classics in Uzbek and Russian languages, as well as books from their personal libraries - a total of more than 150 copies were given to the capital schools by the administration of the I. Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas branch in Tashkent.

TASHKENT, Apr 1 - Sputnik. The branch of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after I.Gubkin in Tashkent supported the action on donating books to schools initiated by President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

The actions took place in metropolitan schools number 43, 208, 24. They were attended by deputy director - executive director of a branch of the university Abdulla Magrupov, deputy director for educational and educational work Elzara Yuzlikaeva, head of the affairs department Boriy Umarkhanov, as well as deputy minister of national education of the republic Sarvar Babahodzhaev.

Soon the action will be implemented in all ten schools with which the branch concluded a memorandum of cooperation. Schools received a wide variety of books - textbooks, children's literature, and works of national and world classics in Uzbek and Russian.

The branch of the University "Gubkin" in Tashkent handed over 150 copies of textbooks to schools in the city.

The list of publications of works by such authors as I. Krylov - “Fables”, A.S. Pushkin “Tales”, N.V.Gogol “The Overcoat”, “Inspector”, A.N.Radischev “Journey from Petersburg to Moscow ", M.Gorky" Old Woman Izergil ", Athanasius Fet" Whisper, timid breath ", A.Ostrovsky" Thunderstorm ", Anna Akhmatova" Lyrics ", Jonathan Swift" Journey of Gulliver ", Carlo Collodi" The Adventures of Pinocchio ", Mark Twain - "The Prince and the Beggar", "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", Clive Staples Lewis - "The Chronicles of Narnia", "The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland", Astrid Lindgren - "Roni, Daughter Yenika ", DS Azimov" Dialogues with Omar Khayyam ", T. Juraev" Uzbek folk tales ", Abdullah Kadiri" Utkan Kunlar ", Ўtyrır oshimov" Ikki Eshik orasi ", Oybek" Navoiy ", Toҳir Malik" Wyzhdon uyi " , "Nafs Kishanlari", V.M.Nesgovorova "Dictionary of a schoolboy", Abdullah Kadiri "Scorpion from the Altar", "Zamin Nashr", Z.Isakova - a collection of Bulgarian fairy tales "Silver deer", a collection of Turkish fairy tales "Sultana from the underground", Persian tales "Wild Rose", Afghan tales "Ant-girl", Hungarian tales "Wonder-mill" and other publications.

Abdulla Magroupov, speaking a welcoming speech, noted the role of the book in human education.
“Appreciate a living book: you can never replace it with any gadgets and other cleverest technology ... Respect and honor parents, native school: this is the beginning of the beginnings and the origins of life,” he noted.

Employees of the school number 208 Mirzo Ulugbek district noted that the branch of the University. Gubkin first responded to the book action.

"... It was the representatives of the branch who first responded to the book action. The donated books will become faithful companions to the children, they will reliably convey the knowledge and experience of the senior mentors," they noted.