The future captains of domestic petroleum industry with inspiration recited the immortal ghazals of Navoi, told in their speeches about his life and career, literary masterpieces, which were destined to survive the centuries.

According to the organizers of the creative event, Lola Shukurova and Ekaterina Sidelova, representatives of the “Marifat and Manaviyat” department of the University for activities with talented youth, after centuries the literary heritage of Navoi continues to be relevant, reflects a sincere response in the hearts of readers, this is an integral part of the history of the people.

The speakers have emphasized, that the great poet, the founder of the Uzbek language and literature, an outstanding statesman on the example of his whole life was an example of human wisdom, demonstrated a commitment to the high ideals of morality, humanism and kindness. Up to present time, in the lines of poems and verses of the great ancestor, we continue to find answers to the most difficult life and everyday situations, this is the surest beacon for each era.

“I was born and grown up in Navoi region, and therefore, probably, it seems symbolic and it cannot be otherwise that my favorite poet is Alisher Navoi,” says third-year student Malika Namazova. - Of all the works of the author, the poem “Farkhad and Shirin” is especially close to me. This masterpiece, using the example of the main character, shows the depth of feelings, the willingness to sacrifice everything in the name of a lofty goal. It so happened that even in our profession, we are similar to Farkhad, who dug the earth to hold the water! However, in addition, I have chosen my future specialty “Technology of geological and geophysical prospecting”, continuing the family traditions. Studying in the Branch of the Russian University of Oil and Gas named after I.M.Gubkin in Tashkent provided all the conditions for mastering the popular profession, especially nonresident students who live here, in a hostel on the territory of the university, and the constant attention and help from teachers is another component of successful study. From the first course I am the leader of the group, and in my social activities I also try to be guided by the main edifications of Alisher Navoi: this is justice and care for others.