On September 9, 2021, the academic supervisors of the UEE-21-11-12 and UEM-21-13-14 academic groups organized an excursion for the first-year students to the Memorial Complex built in memory of the victims of repression, located in a picturesque area of ​​the capital of Uzbekistan.


The excursion started with viewing the sights of the complex. Under the blue dome of the monument, the students honored the memory of the fighters against the repressive policy in the colonial period of the history of Central Asia with a minute of silence, remembering those who fought for the freedom and independence of their people.

During the excursion students paid particular attention to historical facts during the period of Soviet power in 1937-1938. Discussion of the complex placed in the museum, photographs of families and relatives of prominent Uzbek poets and public figures: Chulpan, Fitrat, Mahmudkhuzh Behbudi, Akbar Rustamov, Abdulkhai Tadzhiev and others. The students got acquainted with photo chronicles of the past years. Received detailed information about their peers - students sent to study in Germany in 1922.

A certain place in the memorial complex is given to the years of Independence of Uzbekistan. It demonstrates historical facts and archival materials that are symbols of the restoration of historical justice, perpetuation of the memory of victims of repressions and historical events.

The students learned that during the creation of the memorial complex, comprehensive activities were carried out to restore documents of national value and historical significance, testifying to the life and work of the great statesmen and commanders of Central Asia: Amir Temur, Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur, Mirzo Ulugbek, Jalaliddin Manguberdi and many others.

This excursion is a call for young people to diligence and striving for high achievements and successes in education, science, and self-expression, a challenge to the development and strengthening of the unshakable ideals of creation and progress of their homeland - Uzbekistan.