Options for controlling the knowledge of students of the department of technology of geological and geophysical exploration


The control questions and test tickets

Well logging equipment

Geological interpretation of geophysical information

Geological modeling of natural oil and gas reservoir

Geological and geophysical modeling of the developed oil and gas deposits

Hydrogeology and engineering geology

Well logging

Engineering geology

Engineering geophysics

Intelligent system of geological and geophysical control of hydrocarbon field development and

operation of underground gas storage

Well logging data interpretation (02)

History of geoexploration works

Metrological support of geophysical measuring instruments


Modeling in Petrophysics

Oilfield geology

Processing geoinformation data

Processing seismic data

Inverse dynamic seismic tasks

General geology

General and historical geology

The basics of geodesy and topography

Basics of Geophysics

Planning and supervising field seismic surveys

Applied geomechanics

Well seismic exploration

Earth Physics

Electromagnetic and acoustic well surveys