Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin is a brilliant poet who made a great contribution to the development of world literature and culture.

Pushkin’s readings are annually held in our republic. Fresh flowers are always brought to his monument on the day of birth. The love of the multinational people of Uzbekistan to the genius of Russian poetry is also indicated by the fact that in the collections of many poets there are poems dedicated to Pushkin in which they express their love for the Russian poet.

During the Russian classes we are talking about Pushkin since the first days of September.

At the end of the school year in the Branch, a round table devoted to the birthday of the great Russian poet is traditionally delivered by the teachers of the “Social and Humanitarian Disciplines” department. Young people study Pushkin with love. On 5 June this year, a round table was held on the topic: “A. Pushkin is the sun of Russian poetry”.

Students of the group EE-16-01 Sultanova M. made a presentation “Life and work of Alexander Pushkin”, Matkuliyeva Sh. - presentation on the topic: “You, as the first love, Russia will not forget the heart’, Elmuradov S. -  “A poet died, a slave of honor!”,  Students Mukhitdinova M., and Abduraimov Sh. told about the young Pushkin in his presentation “Lyceum friends of Pushkin”, Abbasov B., and Mukhutdinova L. told about the heroes of the famous poem Alexander Pushkin “Eugene Onegin”.


Professor Mansurova G. Kh.