Meetings, conversations and seminars with the younger generation are always aimed at enhancing spiritual and educational work with the goal of educating young people in the spirit of patriotism, immense loyalty to the ideas of national independence, love for the motherland, building a free and prosperous country, and faith in a great and noble goal.

Lecturers of the Branch of the “General Disciplines” Department held a seminar on the development of the oil and gas industry, and also made career guidance activities in the sponsored academic lyceum among graduate students.

During the seminar, Karimov A.A. and Alimbabaeva Z.L. introduced students to the areas and specialties in which the Branch trains personnel, and also answered students’ questions about the areas and activities of the Branch.

Students of the Branch also spoke at the seminar, who spoke about student life, that thanks to the well-established dual education system in the Branch, students have a wonderful opportunity to go to production while in their 2nd or 3rd year, which generally facilitates further adaptation.

Seminars of this kind help to develop professional self-determination among students of lyceums, colleges and schools, because the correct and informed professional choice is the own decision of a person who is aware of the responsibility when planning the prospects for his development.

 Branch Press-service

“General Disciplines” Department