Under current conditions comprehensive  reforms in all spheres of life are aimed at protecting human values, his legal rights and interests, maintaining loyalty to the ideals of democracy, freedom and equality, social justice and solidarity. Studying the experience and analyzing the legislation of world powers and developed countries demonstrates that our country is ready to provide the leading principles of democracy. The implementation of innovative ideas and initiatives serves to build a developed and prosperous Uzbekistan. The life-affirming power of all transformations in the country is reflected in the essence of the adopted new Constitution of the country.

The Branch hosted a meeting of the student youth with the lecturers in the social and humanitarian sphere dedicated to studying the content of the Basic Law of the country. The speakers focused on the need and purpose of the country's updated constitution. It was emphasized that based on the opinions and support of citizens, a popular vote took place, which is an expression of the will of our people - the adoption of the new Constitution.

The new Constitution of the country is aimed at the formation of a strong social, democratic-legal and truly popular statehood in Uzbekistan, raising the well-being of the people, respecting the honor and dignity of man establishing a new period in the development of New Uzbekistan.

It has been emphasized that constitutional reforms in the country have significantly strengthened the principle of “man – society – state” as a constitutional norm. The implementation of this principle in practice contributes to changing the existing way of life of people. The main goal of the updated Constitution is to create decent conditions for the prosperous life of the people.

In their speech, the teachers revealed in detail the updated sections and paragraphs of the New Constitution. There was a presentation. Students spoke on the topic with questions of interest.

The study of the essence of the Basic Law will continue.

Branch Press-service

Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines