Intellectual and entertaining team building GubkinQuiz was held in the Branch

The faculty and employees of the operational and economic department remembered a bright event, the GubkinQuiz intellectual and entertaining team building, which, in the opinion of all those present, turned out to be a miraculous way to quickly and effectively create a cohesive team from a disparate group of employees.

When employees from different departments play together, they learn to interact and discuss. Colleagues together rejoice at the correct answers and just enjoy the game. Teams were formed freely, each person who came pulled a picture of the corresponding table. The goal of the game was to have a bright and fun time in the company of colleagues, while guessing interesting questions from different areas of life, mainly dedicated to the New Year theme, and it also formed common goals and united colleagues. The game itself was held at a high pace, with the maximum amount of communication, fun and team decisions. All players were distracted from everyday work and had fun. At the end of the game, a small lottery was organized, in which small prizes were drawn, which in turn gave even more high spirits to all players.

We wish everyone good health, happiness, optimism and all the best in the coming year. May your relatives and friends always be with you, and prosperity, love and prosperity reign in your homes!

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