The student theater studio “Rendezvous” delighted the audience with the production of the play by A.P. Chekhov “Uncle Vanya”

On December 21 of this year, the assembly hall of the Branch gathered lovers of classical literature, because on this day the student theater troupe “Rendezvous” surprised everyone present with a masterful performance of one of the most popular and serious plays, a Russian writer, playwright, publicist, public figure in the field of charity, a classic of the world Literature, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov “Uncle Vanya”.

The cast of the play united students of different directions and courses, these are Daniil Gorbunov (URN 19-02) in the role of Alexander Vladimirovich Serebryakov, Karimov Oybek (UTS 21-09), who masterfully managed to convey the image of Uncle Vanya, Tsoi Anastasia (UEE 21-09 12) as Sofia Alexandrovna (Sonya) as the daughter of Professor Serebryakov, Yana Fazlyeva (UEE 21-12) as Marina's nanny, Samira Gaibnazarova (UTP 22-04) as Elena Andreevna, Rinat Suleymanov (URG 21-03), who talentedly managed to reveal the image of the doctor Astrov, Nazirova Tursunoy (UTP-22-04) in the role of grandmother, Kim Vladimir (URB 21-02) in the role of Telegin Ilya Ilyich, Nazhimov Kuanysh (UGI 22-08), who had the role of the author and part-time worker. The students managed to create a “mood theater” of such a deep and philosophical game, not only thanks to the acting talent, but also thanks to the artistic director and screenwriter - Sabirova Parisoda (URN19-02).

The play “Uncle Vanya” poses eternal questions to the audience. This is a play about love, unrequited feelings, mutual misunderstanding of people, the cruel disorder of personal destinies, about the painful search for the true meaning of life and the purpose of existence.

The performance made a deep impression on the audience, each of them got the opportunity to observe the severity and sharpness of the actors' artistic methods. Costumes and scenery were also part of the author's concept.

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