Solemn closing of the international conference

Following the results of today’s plenary sessions, a solemn event of the international conference was held, at which the moderators of seven sections spoke with a summing up of the work of the breakout sessions. Recommendations and wishes in the form of the final resolution of this conference will be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Then we proceeded to the awarding of active participants and organizers of the international conference, who were presented with valuable gifts on behalf of the management of the Branch, namely, the nominees of the first place - a laptop, the second place - a tablet, the third place - a smartphone.

There was also a musical and artistic program prepared by the students of the Branch, a colorful and colorful national dance, as well as a song performed live on musical instruments.

At the end of the celebration, the moderator gave instructions to the students - to be proactive, to be an example for their peers, to love worthy and become devoted to the Motherland, to actively participate in the activities and strengthen the image of the Branch, and also to improve their performance in educational and scientific activities. The path to education is certainly thorny, but the results always exceed expectations.