On April 20 this year in order to carry out career guidance activities, a meeting of high school graduates with the teaching staff of the Branch was held at secondary school № 159 of Almazar district. The meeting was attended by the faculty of the department “Social and humanitarian disciplines” and school administration.

In her speech, Associate Professor Gulnora Ziyatovna Mukhamedjanova drew the attention of students to current types of production, the state of the labor market, the need for highly qualified personnel, possibility of a professional career, and professional and qualification growth of future specialists. It should be noted, that professional consultations to assist students in professional self-determination in order to make an informed decision about choosing a professional path, taking into account their psychological characteristics, as well as the needs of society are essential aspects in this direction.


It has been emphasized that a conscious choice should be focused on the interests of students in academic subjects, sciences, professions, areas of professional activity, as well as their inclinations, hobbies and professional intentions.

The lecturer Albina Faritovna Khalimova noted the need for professional education of graduates, the choice of a profession and its significance for the life and work of everyone, the state of health and medical indications, the formation of sustainable intentions and personal readiness to acquire a profession, professional adaptation in new learning conditions.


Integration of the Branch with production associations implies introduction into practice of various forms and methods of the innovation process aimed at the duration of educational programs for the training of future specialists for the oil and gas industry.


Интеграция Филиала с производственными объединениями подразумевает внедрение в практику разных форм и методов инновационного процесса, направленных на длительность образовательных программ подготовки будущих специалистов для нефтегазовой отрасли.

Был продемонстрирован видеоматериал о жизни и достижениях Филиала. Учащиеся задали интересующие вопросы. Обозначены перспективы сотрудничества со школой, обмен опытом в целях подготовки подрастающего поколения к будущей профессиональной деятельности.

A video material about the life and achievements of the Branch was demonstrated. The students asked interesting questions. The prospects for cooperation with the school, the exchange of experience in order to prepare the younger generation for future professional activities are outlined.

Department of “Social and Humanitarian Disciplines”