The winners of the 1st stage of the contest “Student of the Year 2021”

On November 30 of this year, the Branch of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NRU) named after I.M. Gubkin in Tashkent held the first stage of the republican contest “Student of the Year 2021”. Based on the results of the students’ performances, the jury of the contest came to a unanimous decision, and distributed the places among the strongest students of the Branch in the following order:

In the nomination “The most active student-researcher of the year”, the first place was awarded to the student of the UGF-17-01 group Kan Kirill, who made a presentation to the jury about his achievements, participation in international scientific conferences in the field of geology, international Internet Olympiads, passing international training courses in specialty. In the same nomination, the second place was awarded to the student of the UEE-19-02 group Shmakova Angelina, who made a presentation on her victories in the field of science, research and activities in social educational channels.

In the nomination “The most active student propagandist of the year”, the first place was awarded to the student of the UEE-19-02 group Rustamova Malika, the second place was awarded to the student of the UTP-18-02 group Mirsaitova Lailo.

The student of the UEE-19-02 group Makhamatkarimov Jahongir  was admitted as “The most active student blogger of the year”. He presented his performance revealing his activities as a blogger on the Internet and social networks in order to motivate young people to enter higher educational institutions and help in study.

The Executive Director of the Branch Abdulla Magrupov and the official of “Uzbekneftgaz” JSC Elmirza Turdikulov met with the winners and wished them good luck in the next stages of the competition and also offered them further education in the magistracy and continue their research and pedagogical activities in the Branch.

Students who won first places in the above nominations are recommended for the second round of the “Student of the Year 2021” contest, which will be held at the Ministry of Higher Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

We believe that every student has adequate intellectual potential and talent. We urge everyone to actively use the opportunities created to increase the level of knowledge, manifest their potential, form the personal and social, qualities of a youth leader. We congratulate our students on their first victory and wish them even more victories in the republican stage of the contest.