The procedure for holding the “Expert on Elections” contest


The procedure for holding the “Expert on Elections” contest

  1. General rules

1.1. By order of the order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated October 7, 2021 №  423 “On the Contest “Expert on Elections” of online testing among students of higher educational institutions in order to implement the tasks set out in paragraph 11 of the “Roadmap” of the National Action Plan for the implementation Resolutions of the Kengash of the Legislative Chamber and the Kengash of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 7, 2021 № 1008-IV/PC-233-IV “On the national action program to improve the electoral culture of the population”, the procedure for holding the contest has been approved

  1. Aim and objectives of the contest

2.1. The aim of the contest is to improve the legal culture of students of higher educational institutions of the republic regarding elections, enhance their social and political activity, as well as deepen their knowledge about elections.

2.2. Objectives of the contest:

to enhance legal knowledge, legal awareness and legal culture of the student;

to raise consciousness, social and political activity of students in the electoral process by promoting the law on elections among students.

III. Selection procedure

3.1. All students of the Branch can participate in the contest.

3.2. The contest will be held until October 22, 2021 by passing testing among the students of the Branch. Students are only allowed to be tested once. Each student will be asked 60 test questions. Each student is given 30 minutes to take the test. The maximum test score is 120 points.

According to the testing results, 3 students of the Branch, who scored the highest points, will be recognized as winners of the “Expert on Elections” contest.

3.3. The winner is determined by retesting the results of two or more students applying for the prize, if their scores are equal.

3.4. The winners of the contest will be awarded the following memorable gifts:
I-place - sweatshirt with the logo of the Branch;

II-place - T-shirt with the logo of the Branch;

III-place - flash-card.