The meeting with the President motivated my innovative idea for the prosperity of Uzbekistan once again.

My name is Nargiza Akhmedova. I am a third-year student at Russian State University (National Research University) of Oil and Gas named after I.M. Gubkin studying in the focus area “Technology of geological and geophysical prospecting”.

Yesterday together with my peers I participated in the opening ceremony of a new innovative educational and production technopark in the Student City. Our President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the innovative technopark. As you know, the created technological environment represents the integration of three types of cognitive activity - education, science and production. All conditions have been created here for student youth to devote themselves to modern technologies and apply their skills in practice, participate in the design and production of finished products.

The head of state got familiarized himself with the design works of students, where, in equipped biotechnological laboratories, it is possible to be actively engaged in a wide information field of communication with young scientists of the country. Many of the questions raised during the conversation with the President were unexpected and interesting.

During the conversation of the head of our state with students, I was lucky enough to speak and put forward the idea of ​​dual education. My proposal is related to the development of dual education. Indeed, as you know, currently in the era of innovative technology, future specialists need to reinforce their theoretical knowledge with practical experience. Thus, integration of the educational process with the production process is actively developing in our country in this focus area. For example, our Branch launched a program of field practical classes, due to which students could visit different oil enterprises, see with their own eyes how geophysical crews, drilling, factories and laboratories work. The experience gained will undoubtedly be invaluable. I presented an idea to organize an integration environment on the basis of the innovation park for students to undergo continuous practice.

Thus, students will not only be able to study and gain experience at enterprises, but also to consolidate their practical knowledge in this technopark every day. During the meeting, the head of state, having listened to my proposal, approved the idea which I had proposed and instructed the Minister of Innovation to create similar laboratories at our university.

During the excursion, I was impressed by the scale of the technological project, presented by developments and equipment. The participants were shown virtual reality glasses, through a special program to get the opportunity to visualize the conditions of the drilling rig, to solve problems associated with various emergency situations. Everything can be realized here in Tashkent. These conditions contribute to the creation of a fund that will invest in our developments and technologies, as well as their localization. I was inspired by the meeting with our President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

This meeting inspired me with a storm of emotions for all of us who could visit there. And we will try to live up to the hopes of our President