Message to the staff and students of the Branch


Dear colleagues and students of the Branch, today it is simply impossible to ignore the news about the coronavirus. We are all witnessing that the situation with coronavirus infection remains complicated both in the world and in the republic as a whole.

For the sake of living and working for the benefit of the family and the state, teaching, studying, developing our business, whether we like to make a career or not, we all have to, being in a tense stream of socially oriented information, somehow deal with conflicting data, try to avoid stressful situations, for the sake of their own health and the well-being of their loved ones. At the same time, self-isolation measures for solving the problem with coronavirus infection are not efficient.

In this situation, for the sake of ensuring our own health and the health of our loved ones, we have no right to stay idle and are in passive waiting. The only protection is vaccination, which provides all possible assistance in the formation of immunity to fight infection.

Nowadays doctors and specialists fighting this disease recommend vaccinating, in order to preserve the health and life of our loved ones, it is time to act on the basis of the recommendations of specialists.

Each and every one of us should ask ourselves the question: What can I do to avoid this disease? How can I keep my family safe? How to overcome this crisis?

I am also concerned about these questions, just like all of you. And for the sake of my family, for my own health, for the sake of tomorrow, I vaccinate and urge you to follow my example.

Dear colleagues and students! To help ensure the health and safety of ourselves, our families, and our community at large, set a personal example and be vaccinated. It is very difficult to defeat any viral disease without a vaccine. That is why the best way to take care of yourself and protect yourself from coronavirus infection is to get vaccinated.

Your actions, the right decisions will motivate your family, loved ones, neighbors. Let's take the initiative! Given that we live in a tight society, we need to speed up immunization as much as possible. And universal vaccination is the subject of their own safety for each member of society.

I wish you all health and well-being, peace and prosperity for your family, safety and a healthy lifestyle for your loved ones. All this is now in your hands. Take care of loved ones, make a vaccine, strengthen immunity.

Sincerely yours,