Sports leisure in the Students’ Dormitory of the Branch

The Branch hosted table tennis and chess competitions, which once again clearly demonstrated how Gubkin residents spend their cultural leisure meaningfully and with health benefits in Students’ Dormitory No. 2 of the Branch of the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NRU) in Tashkent

Promotion of a healthy lifestyle and sports activities in the Branch is of particular importance. The management of the university, a well-known forge of industry personnel, has created all the conditions for active and meaningful leisure in the student residences. There is a library, a room for musical rehearsals, equipped with national instruments, as well as guitars, drums, and a gym.


The significant date - the 685th anniversary of the great ancestor - was traditionally celebrated in the students' houses of the Branch, as well as throughout the republic, with amateur competitions in their favorite sports.

The Chess Match Determined the Best Tacticians

The chess competition pleased us with the composition of the strongest intellectual participants. The competition took place over two days: according to the FIDE rules - in eight rounds according to the Swiss system.


Out of nine contenders, Shahzod Tursunov from URB 17-02 group, Mirfayz Akhmedov - URN 17-02 and Dilshod Akhadov - UGR 18-02 won the victory by the results of fights. Each of them played in his own individual style, but what was in common was a confident understanding of chess strategy, tactical ingenuity, and technical skill.

Table tennis - a combination of agility and intelligence

A spacious playground for playing table tennis is also popular among students: in their free time, it is always crowded and lively here.

As a result of the marathon, the victory among the eight strongest athletes was won by the student of the UTP 18-02 group Sherzod Salimov, the second place was taken by Farrukh Bakhronov (URB 18-02), the third - Abdusunnat Abduvaliev from the URB 17-01 group.


The guys talked about the history of this sport, which is rightly considered one of the most democratic. So, initially, ping-pong games were held at ordinary desks, where books were installed instead of a net, and rackets were replaced by pieces of cardboard, but already in 1988 table tennis was included in the Olympic program.

In addition, this sport is called an intellectual sport: according to research, it activates more of the brain than any other sport. The game stimulates mental activity, concentration and tactical strategy, develops mental acuity. It is also the best way to improve the strength of the legs, arms and body without overstraining the joints, according to the members of the judging board of the tournament - the head of the department “Manaviyat and Marifat” K. Sultanov and the teacher-educator of the Student Residence I. Ruzikulov.


Note that the table tennis and chess games were held with the most active support of students: the guys cheered for their classmates together, and freshly brewed tea with fruits at the end of the tournaments added comfort to the fans of the competition and all its participants.

Press-service of the Branch.