Indonesian Government Scholarship Contest

The Government of Indonesia has announced a scholarship competition for bachelors, masters and doctoral students within the framework of the Program for Cooperation with Developing Countries.

This Program provides an opportunity for foreign students to study at 19 universities in Indonesia in humanitarian, social, engineering areas, as well as scientific and educational activities within the framework of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies.

Separate benefits are provided to employees of state and non-state organizations, as well as university professors.

Age and English Proficiency Requirements for the Scholarship Competition:

  • for bachelor’s degree - candidates under the age of 25, IELTS 6.0;
  • for master’s degree - candidates under the age of 35, IELTS 6.0;
  • for doctoral studies - candidates under the age of 40, IELTS 7.0.

The scholarship covers airfare, health insurance and accommodation costs.

Registration deadline for participation in the scholarship competition: until May 4, 2021.

Applicants wishing to participate and registered in the scholarship program must submit the following information to the International Cooperation Department by April 13, 2021:

Full name, name of higher educational institution in Indonesia, chosen education profile.

Link to register for the scholarship contest:

International Cooperation department