Protecting women's rights

On February 22, 2021, the Branch hosted a meeting with representatives of the district department of internal affairs of the Mirzo-Ulugbek district on the topic “Prevention of crime and crime among women and protection of the rights of women subjected to violence”. Senior inspectors for women's affairs of the Mirzo-Ulugbek region, lieutenant colonel Ozoda Matchanova, lieutenant colonel Dilorom Mirkhalilova, major Shoira Islamova, captain Tamara Moloshkhia, students of academic groups EE-18-01, UGF-19-01/02, UTP-18-01/02, URN-18-01/02 participated in the meeting.


During this meeting, attention was focused on the problems of gender equality, violence against women in the family and in everyday life. Law enforcement officials explained in detail that there are types of violence against women in the family, such as: economic, physical, emotional-psychological and sexual.

In order to identify and warn against existing tyranny, an inspectorate for women was established in all regions of the republic. Currently the organization engages in advocacy and outreach to empower women, and targeted home visits that help prevent and reduce violence against women.


The guests of the meeting elaborated on the cases of violence against women in the regions. Frequently encountered facts, evidence of physical and economic violence against women, protection measures followed by rehabilitation of the victims were presented.

During the meeting, a discussion took place on the rights and opportunities of women to protect themselves from violence and oppression.