Attention to the students of the Branch!

Aim of the competition:

This scholarship has been introduced with the aim of providing decent material and social support for students, promote the Company among young people and attract promising young people to work in the Company, as well as to further strengthening interaction between the Company and higher educational institutions.

Who can participate in the competition:

A special scholarship of “Uzbekistan GTL” LLC is assigned to students of higher educational institutions enrolled in the full-time department of 3-4 courses of bachelor’s degree, as well as on the full-time department of the master’s program, selected on a competitive basis, whose age at the time submission of documents for participation does not exceed 30 years. The application form and motivation letter of registered students will be assessed and students can be invited to the second stage in accordance with the positive opinion of the Commission.

Registration for participation:

To participate in the competition, applicants fill out a participant's application through the links provided in the UzGTL Scholarship section of the Company’s official website and leave a motivation letter indicating the intended goals. The electronic application of registered students is reviewed and evaluated by the Commission

The procedure for determining the winners of the competition:

The competition winners are determined in 3 stages:

Stage 1 - acceptance of documents in electronic form from September 15 up to October 15, 2020. The commission evaluates the completed application form and motivation letter. In the process of assessment, the candidate’s compliance with the conditions of this competition is ascertained and a motivation letter is assessed. Only shortlisted participants will be invited to the second stage.

Stage 2 - from October 16 up to October 23, 2020, test trials of participants will be performed and their results will be announced by October 30, 2020 on the Company’s official website. The test will consist of questions of basic complexity included in the curricula of schools, colleges and higher educational institutions, according to the direction in which the candidate is studying.

Stage 3 - held from November 1 up to November 15 - interview in the form of oral questions and answers.

Students who pass the interview with a positive result are awarded a scholarship. Until November 25, 2020, information on the results will be displayed on the Company’s official website.

The scholarship payment to the winners of the scholarship program will begin on December 1, 2020.

 Additional criteria considered when determining the winners:

In addition to having adequate knowledge in the specialty, in determining the winners of the competition, the applicants’ knowledge of foreign languages, his desire for innovation and the success achieved are of a great importance.

 How to find out the competition results:

Information about the applicants’ results will be communicated by the personnel department of the Company within 7 business days upon the date of testing and interview in writing - by e-mail, or orally - by phone.

 The scholarship amount of the and the procedure for granting it to the winners:

The scholarship amount is set in the amount of at least 3 minimum wages of the value determined in the territory of the republic. Bank plastic cards will be opened in the name of the winners of the competition and funds will be credited within one academic year not later than the 15th day of each month.

What additional features will the winners of the competition have?

The competition winners will be enrolled in the personnel reserve of the “Uzbekistan GTL” LLC and accepted for training in their specialty after graduation. In addition, during their free time during the student period, an internship at the Company's offices or an industrial practice at the plant is organized for the winners.

Where else is it possible to get the information about the competition?

Participants will be informed about the date and venue of the competition by SMS or by phone. The competition may be organized depending on the place of study of the students. Information about the competition can be obtained on the website call +99871 202-40- 80 or at the offices of the Company.