Tashkent-Canada: innovations in the methodology of teaching a foreign language

Certified methodological webinar was held under the guidance of a leading specialist in the sphere of   distance learning, ESL trainer, founder of the online platform Mentor Hub, Doctor of Philosophy Nodira Isamuhamedova (Canada) at Foreign Languages Department of the Branch of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NRU) named after I.M. Gubkin in Tashkent.

First of all, the professional forum, which was held on the basis of the online platform Mentor Hub, demonstrated to the number of participants of the event the wide possibilities of innovations contributing to the implementation of progressive experience in everyday teaching practice.

During the webinar “Resources for teaching pronunciation”, specialists were able to learn about the practical aspects of the implementation of digital technologies, as well as innovative achievements in the sphere of educational methods, innovative teaching methods, and global trends based on international experience.

Participants of  the online webinar thoroughly studied    a number of common problems in the field of teaching English in non-linguistic universities, such as, for example, the peculiarities in pronunciation and teaching of special terms, neologisms and borrowings, difficulties with the  reading of  texts. Teachers discussed actively and exchanged practical experience, and also observed a number of online platforms used to teach students a foreign language.

According to teachers’ feedback, during the virtual meeting they were considerably able to enrich their knowledge with the necessary data, in particular, information about leading educational sites, the use of modern and highly effective teaching methods of phonetics, reading and lexicology. The forum participants decided, that the useful information received will directly help to improve and enhance the professional level of teaching a foreign language.

As the head of the Foreign Languages ​​department Nargiza Muratova commented, the use of modern educational technologies allows us to individualize and differentiate the process of distance learning: by controlling the activities of each student, enhance creative and cognitive abilities, and, importantly, optimize the learning process and accelerate the pace of work.

The participants of the webinar expressed their gratitude to the management of the Branch for their support in organizing the methodological forum. Taking into account the scientific benefits, it was decided to continue the practice of online training in the Branch of the University in future.

Press service of the Branch