Frequently asked questions

* How much does the education cost per year?           
- The cost of education as of the 2018/2019 school year is 12 000 000 UZS.

* Who is provided with rooms in the Students’ dormitory?         
- Rooms in the Students’ dormitory are provided to nonresident students studying at the Branch for the entire period of study.

* How can I get a room at the Students’ dormitory?
- When submitting documents you need to specify in a statement that you need a dormitory room and submit a statement after the decision of the admission  commission recommending you for enrollment.

* How much does it cost to stay at the Students’ dormitory?
- Monthly payments are made in the amount of 60% of the minimum wage fixed in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

* How many education profiles (specialties) is it possible to apply for?    
- The application is submitted only for one education profile.

Is it necessary to present the original document of education when entering a university?                                                                                    
- In accordance with the Procedure for admission to the Branch when applying to the university, the applicant submits the original and a photocopy of the state document on education.

*  What are the terms for submission of documents?          
- Submission of documents for the first course begins on June 15 (16) of the current year and ends on June 30 of the current year.

* Is it necessary to submit a medical certificate to the admission commission?                                              
- Medical certificate (in the form 086-U) indicating the received vaccinations is included in the package of documents on the basis of which the admission commission carries out the reception of documents for the subsequent determination of health groups for physical education classes.

* Is there a military department at the University and who is granted a deferment from military service?                
- There is no military department at the Branch, however, during the entire period of study students of the Branch are exempted from the military service .

* Is the hostel provided to applicants during the period of entrance exams for the Branch?            
- The hostel isn’t provided for applicants during the period of admission tests.

* What does a bachelor’s degree imply?
- This is the first academic stage in a three-tier structure of higher professional education. The “bachelor” degree is a basic higher education. The standard period of education constitutes 4 years. Bachelor’s degree gives the right to work in the speciality or apply for the master’s program. This degree is included in the international classification so it is precise and understandable abroad.

* How quickly is it possible to withdraw the documents from the admissions office?    
- Documents are available since the next business day after submitting the application.

* What documents are required for submission to the admission commission?             
- When applying for admission, the applicant provides the following documents:

1. State document on secondary (full) general or secondary professional education (original) and its copy. 

2. Passport and its 2 photocopies (first page). If a biometric passport is available, the original passport, its 2 photocopies and a notarized translation of the first page of the passport are submitted.         

3. Medical certificate of 086-form indicating the received vaccines (vaccinations).

4. 8 photos 3 x 4 cm (color, on a white background, protocol top).          

5. Reference to the military service (registration certificate) and its photocopy (for boys).

6. Folder for personal files.

7. Copy of employment record book (for persons who graduated from school previous to the year of documents’ submission).

8. Envelope stationery (for storing a diploma, the size of at least 19x13).

9. Applicants who have graduated from a lyceum (college) before this year, who are not working or studying anywhere, submit a certificate from the makhalla committee that they do not work or study anywhere.

*  What is the address of the admission commission?
- Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent - 100125, Mirzo-Ulugbek district, Durmon Yuli street, 34

* What time is it possible to apply? Is it possible to do this on Saturday or Sunday?
- It is possible to submit documents during the business hours of the admission commission. It also works at some weekends.

* Is it necessary to notarize copies of documents?  
- It is necessary to notarize only translation of the passport of a citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan into Russian.

* When will my documents not be accepted?
- If you provided an incomplete setoff documents or if any of the documents turns out to be false.

* Is it compulsory for one of the parents to be present at the conclusion of the contract?   
- Yes, sure.

* Can one of parents enter into a contract without me?
- A parent or a trustee can enter into a contract without you being present, but only if he will have your notarized power of attorney.

* Is the information on the official website of the Branch reliable? 
- Yes, the information on the official website of the Branch is reliable.

* Is it possible for a citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan who is a student of the Russian University to be transferred to the Branch of Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NRU) named after I.M.Gubkin in Tashkent on a contract basis?

- The Branch of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NRU) named after I.M.Gubkin in Tashkent is a structural unit of the head university, i.e. RSU of Oil and Gas (NRU) named after I.M.Gubkin in Moscow. All issues related to the transfer of students from one university to another institution of higher education of the Russian Federation are governed by the procedure for transferring students to another organization conducting educational activities on the educational program of secondary vocational and (or) higher education, approved by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation as of February 10, 2017.

* Can a member of the national team of Uzbekistan on sports enter your university and is it possible to combine sports activities and academic course?

- The Branch of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NRU) named after I.M. Gubkin in Tashkent educates a number of students who are members of the national teams of the republic in slalom, martial arts and other sports. All of them successfully combine study and sports. For example, Baranova T., who is a member of the national slalom team of the republic, successfully accomplished her studies and received a diploma with honors.

* Is it possible for a student of the University of the Republic of Uzbekistan to enter the master program of your branch? 
- There is no master course faculty at the Branch of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NRU) named after I.M.Gubkin in Tashkent.

* Are there any privileges for applicants with disabilities when they enter the Branch of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NRU) named after I.M.Gubkin in Tashkent? 
- The Branch of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NRU) named after I.M. Gubkin in Tashkent doesn’t provide any benefits for disabled people.

* What is the validity period of medical certificate of 0-86form? 
- Medical certificate of 0-86 form is valid for 6 months.