Students’ Khashar in “Dustlik” Park

During the charity khashar held on March 14-15, sanitation of attractions, as well as other landscaping of “Dustlik” recreation park in the Yashnabad district were performed by over 70 student activists of the Youth Union of the Branch of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NRU) named after I.M. Gubkin in Tashkent.

According to the leader of the Branch Youth Union, 30-year-old acting Head of the Department of Geological and Geophysical Exploration Technologies Nodir Turabekov, the khashar tradition has been existing in Uzbekistan for centuries and has become an integral part of the folk culture and mentality of the Uzbek people. This year, dedication to the advance of Navruz, the time of renewal and cleanliness, the “Gubkints” - activists of the Youth Union decided to devote to the improvement of the park of culture and rest.

In total, during the charity khashar, the “Gubkints” completed work on the improving and cleaning of dozens of attractions, whitewashing more than 200 trees.

Landscaping activities were inspired by Mokhirjonov M. (UTS-17-02), Nurkhodjaeva Sh. (UGI-16-01), Fazylov R. (UGI-16-01), Ilyosov R. (UGF-16- 01), Akramov Kh. (UGF-16-01) and other students of the UGF / UGI-18-01, UGF / UGI-19-01 groups, whose total number approached 70 people in total.

At the end of the khashar, the park director personally thanked the “Gubkints” and, in their person, the Branch’s administration for good deeds and sincere work worthy of the patriotic education of youth.

- Participation in the national khashar is one of the good traditions of the “Gubkints”. We are delighted with increasing number of students involved. Today we worked on the rise and with enthusiasm, realizing that our modest work will benefit people - says Sh. Nurkhodjaeva, a student of UGI-16-01 group.

- As a first-year student of the Branch, I enthusiastically participated in a charity khashar in the park. Thanks to well-coordinated work, I was imbued with the friendly atmosphere of the university, made new friends in the person of senior students. I was especially pleased with the sense of ownership of a good and bright centuries-old tradition - concluded Ergarayev M., a student of UGF-19-01 group.

Press-service of the Branch.