Time for good deeds

for stray dogs in Kibray district of Tashkent region.

The innovation of the students of the Branch is admitted as relevant in the light of the recent ban by the Senate of Uzbekistan on animal cruelty and strengthening legal responsibility in this area.

Future geological engineers, by their deed, demonstrated indifference to the urgent problem, laid down a new tradition of the university in terms of animal welfare. It is noteworthy that the visit to the kennel was based on a deep knowledge of the habits, habits and psychology of dogs in general. The participants of the action - these are first-year students Danil Pyshnenko, Igor Lavrov, Alan Kubarev, Nigina Rakhmatova Nargiza Akhmedova, Shakhrukh Mizrobov, Komila Ergasheva, Bahrom Nasyrov - are distinguished by their love for animals: they had absolutely no fear in communicating with dogs, which, by the way, like no one else feels and reacts when they are afraid. Freshmen brought fodder to animals, and there are about 800 of them, participated in clearing land from debris, repairing enclosures, and helped construction masters in building a warm room for four-legged pets. During the visit to the kennel, it was seen how the dogs were extremely happy about the attention paid by our students.

As Komila Ergasheva said earlier in her home in Samarkand, she also repeatedly visited shelters for stray dogs.

- There was a blind dog that was found in a bag, and before that they beat him with a shovel, why she lost her eyesight. Other dogs, helping people crippled by the animal, which could not stand on their own, helped: held, looked after, never offended. Then, for the first time, I realized that dogs help each other, - said a first-year student. She herself has two of them at once: the mongrel Dosya has been living in the family for 14 years, the pit bull terrier Laila is 1.5 years old, and she also has a Nessie cat, a parrot of the rare breed “corella” named Archie.

“In our opinion, we need to help not only people, but also dogs, because they don’t choose where to be born, and moreover they are not to blame for misadventures,” freshmen say. - What is noteworthy, being thrown away, and therefore betrayed by people, the animals did not become embittered, but in response to kindness they answered with unlimited recognition and full of gratitude eyes. The organization of a shelter for homeless animals is a noble undertaking, and here, along with helping the dogs, constant attention is very important, creating conditions for them in the form of enclosures, landscaping and maintaining cleanliness in the kennel. The kindness of the animals impressed all the participants, they decided to continue the initiative.

 Branch Press-Service