Kindness Will Save the World

A regular meeting of students of the Branch of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NRU) named after I.M. Gubkin in Tashkent and students of the  specialized boarding school for blind children No. 77. was held in a warm and kind atmosphere. Students from the “Gubkin” University were the first to congratulate talented students on their victory at the International Festival in Moscow.

Students of the Branch attend a specialized boarding school for blind children N77 on a regular basis. It is noteworthy that since the last meeting with the student of the Gubkin university, which was held for the first time in the history of the boarding school in the format of a literary and musical evening, students were invited to speak in the Kremlin, where they brilliantly represented Uzbekistan and were awarded Honorary Diplomas.

Students of the Branch prepared for the meeting with the laureates of the international festival with a great enthusiasm: they chose gifts- soft toys, prepared gift sets. Among student there were: Sirajiddin Nishanov, Khusnuddin Mukhiddinov, Sardor Juraev, Ravshan Fazilov and Shakhnoza Nurkhodjaeva participated in the preparation of the project.

As the 9-grade pupil Samira Talipova from Chirchik and the 10-grade pupil Oydina Yuldasheva, who showed their performance  in Moscow, this was one of the most exciting moments when the words of the famous song “The Solar Circle” sounded from the Kremlin’s stage, among other languages ​​in Uzbek, and this time raised the State flag of Uzbekistan.

An event of a particular importance was  a greeting to the participants of the festival of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin which was read by the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky.

According to Tashkent schoolgirls, each team representing their countries, had a mentor from a number of famous artists. As for the team from Uzbekistan it was a famous singer and composer Mark Tishman. Representatives of other countries were appointed such mentors as Lev Leschenko, Anita Tsoy, Kristina Orbakaite, Yuri Nikolaev, Rodion Gazmanov and others. And the initiator of the project was the famous singer and public figure, Honored Artist of Russia Diana Gurtskaya. The festival really united participants from different countries, but another bright community of peoples was the historical past, with which the contestants had the opportunity to come in touch, as they say, with all their heart during an excursion to the Victory Museum. In addition, the teachers who accompanied the students, the unique project became, first of all, a unique platform for the exchange of pedagogical experience, when teachers of special schools from different countries shared their achievements, methodological developments, and innovations.

“Art unites hearts, because music has no boundaries,” Samira and Oydina say.

- Kindness and mercy can unite and give wings for flight. We have many different social events, but it was a joint performance with the students of the Branch, when the students were able to clearly express themselves, demonstrate their talents, it became the most memorable, helped to believe in themselves, in their abilities. It is gratifying that the management of the Branch pays so much attention to the educational activities of students, and teaches them to be kind and merciful - says the deputy director Zamira Gafurova.


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