The new academic year at the Branch of Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NRU) named after I.M Gubkin in Tashkent city has started from the lesson devoted to the Independence

The students commenced studying process having rested after the summer holidays and feeling full of strength and aspirations for new knowledge. During all this period time, the team of teachers and employees headed by the Deputy Director - Executive Director of the Branch, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Abdulla Makhmudovich Magrupov, were working tirelessly, first as part of the admission campaign, then - improvement and equipping of the educational building, students’ dormitories. As a result, alma mater greeted its students with a landscaped and fragrant flower garden, thematic videos that were broadcast in information kiosks and TV panels in the lobby, updated with modern sophisticated technical equipment in the classrooms. In order to deepen the educational and scientific process, the technical equipment of the Branch was replenished with advanced digital equipment. Innovative innovations include: 86” Touch PC all in one, 75” Touch PC all in one interactive panels, 65” NEC MultiSync.

Meanwhile, a particular attention has been paid to cultural leisure. In this regard, Students’ dormitories were equipped with specially designated rooms - within the framework of the Five Presidential Initiatives - the library - with slender rows of books on the shelves, the sports - with devices for physical exercises, music and arts - with new Uzbek national musical instruments, drums, key-driven instruments, IT - with computers connected to the Internet.

The most remarkable event of the first day of the academic year was the opening ceremony of the Hall of Five Presidential Initiatives, executed in the national traditions, in the hall and renewed, after major repairs of the premises of the dean’s office and the department for academic affairs, the chancellery, and the archive.

The number of first-year students this year constitutes 260 people and all of them became listeners of the very first Lesson of Independence held at the university. During this lesson the chronicle of historical achievements of Uzbekistan was accompanied by documentary footage on giant interactive digital panels. It should be noted, that, according to a good tradition, the branch students themselves acted as guides to the world of professional knowledge for beginners. Mentors from among the best 2-d year students of all education specialities first conducted a roll call, and after the end of the lecture, they accompanied newcomers to classrooms. According to the opinions of mentors Anastasia Babkova, Temurmalik Bafaev, Mikhail Kondakov, Khurshid Turaev and Ekaterina Melyukova, exactly a year ago they first stepped the threshold of the Branch. The past course turned out to be eventful: this is, first of all, participation in scientific and practical conferences, including a joint with “Uzbekneftegaz” JSC, international FLTAL-2019. “We want to support newcomers, cheer them up, tell them not to be afraid of new subjects, to really master them all, the main thing is discipline and organization,” the guys advised. Attention, care, participation and support are the first trend and difference of the Branch of Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NRU) named after I.M. Gubkin in Tashkent city.